What is token+?

Share and use your data in safe way.

The payments industry pioneered the use of cryptography, pseudonymization and anonymization and really created a new level with PCI-DSS, but other regulations and laws such as GDPR, CCPA and LGPD are emerging around the world, and now almost every company needs data protection, also it is safe to say that before we lived in a unregulated market where payment records or personal data were virtually free, clear text databases, and all sorts of applications and users, either dev teams could access data with minimal controls, so as the market grows, risks dramatically increase . To protect this data, we have Token+.
Solution for Structured or Unstructured Data
We are compatible with the most common databases like IBMDB2, Oracle, MYSQL, SQL, Postgre, etc on Windows, Linux and Solaris.
Tokenplus (Token+) offers REST, Native APIs and Software capable of encrypting, tokenizing and masking data for DEVSECOPS and PRODUCTION as you need it, providing a wide range of features to control your data according to the best security practices, whether files or databases.
We can provide a free trial SDK, please ask below for the brief and more details.

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